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Giraffe Print Rugs

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Bring the primal elements of nature into a room with a giraffe print rug. The natural animal print floor coverings bring an earthy, rugged and exotic feel into your living space. Patterned rugs like these exude a wild essence that creates an atmosphere of the untamed savannah. And with multiple spot sizes and colors, you can create just the right visual texture to match almost any existing home decor.

Giraffe spots add an organic patter that can add visual interest without overwhelming the rest of your style. Its best to use a small amount of any animal print while decorating, especially if you're a novice designing with prints in general. A large, splashy giraffe print rug could overwhelm a room if not counterbalanced with other elements.

Pairing the pattern with other elements in your home decor works wonders, such as a few matching pillows to coordinate with the area rug. Don't be too shy with it, though. A flashy, vibrantly colored print could provide a focal point for a flashy theme that works for the whole room.

Traditional prints usually cast the spots as a medium to dark brown, which is how giraffes are colored in the wild. But you aren't limited to those shades. Faux giraffe print in unnatural colors can spice up a space, contrasting the natural with the artificial, like with a hot pink giraffe print rug, for instance.

You'll find a whole rainbow of different giraffe prints to fit your design precisely, exchanging the earthy brown and tan tones for a more eclectic neon if you like. VisionBedding can do ANY CUSTOM color of giraffe print you want! A little electric safari never hurt anyone's unique style!.

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