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Frog Rugs

Its a jungle out there and the frogs are hoppin. Frogs are the most popular amphibians in our culture why not create a frog themed rug. Kermit the Frog, and The Frog Prince, are just a couple examples. Everyone has a favorite animal, but how about a favorite amphibian? A frog rug is a great way to add something unique to your home, and your room could sport a cute little frog wearing a superhero cape, or boxing gloves.

If you love frogs and shopping there's a rug for that. If you love frogs and lifting weights there's a rug for that too. Frogs in the trees, frogs in the water, big or small they are very interesting critters.

They are outstanding jumpers, and have very unique colors and patterns. It almost seems like a frog is posing while you take its picture. And you can capture some amazing pictures.

There are many images of frogs hanging from tree limbs or sitting on rocks, enhance your living room floors with a frog area rug. Frogs are great swimmers. Swimming frogs on a giant rug by your swimming pool would look so inviting.

A green rug with a shadowy frog hiding on a leaf can add a cool, tropical rain forest atmosphere to your porch or even by the hot tub. A lily pad and a frog can be best friends, and it can make a great rug with matching window curtains in a nursery or playroom. Little frogs jumping around the mushrooms, splashing in the pond, or playing with the dragonflies can be a happy image for your children to play games on.

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