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3d UFO Decor

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3d UFO Window Curtains 56075294

Window Curtains

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Wall Art

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Bath Decor

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Baby Bedding

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Choose From A Huge Selection Of Alien Decor Styles

The 3d UFO pattern is conveniently available in an assortment of decor goods from wall hangings, to duvet covers, to area rugs and custom size window curtains, and even backdrops or bath mats.

Style Your Entire Rooms Decor

Entire Alien themed collections are available for your bedroom, bathroom and almost any room in your house. How about a soft plush rug for your basement?

Personalize This Design

We can change the main color or any color within this pattern to ANY color you desire. VisionBedding can also print a personalized message anywhere within the pattern. VisionBedding’s custom choices are almost unlimited. Let us alter the orientation or the main object within this particular 3d UFO pattern.

One Can Never Have Too Many Throws!

Blankets are sincerely wonderful design pieces. Not only do they give an opportunity to boost boldness or texture to a room’s aesthetic, they also provide you a cozy way to keep warm. When including blankets in your design layout, keep in mind that they are crafted from an expansive variety of fabrics. Some are made from coarser fibers while others are almost sheer. You can find tassled, hand-woven or even knitted types to best suit your wants. When picking that desirable blanket, consider its purpose. Will it be used many times or will it mostly be for decor? Will it be on a comforter or a chair? In addition, consider its hue and texture and how that is incorporated into the general look of your room. In addition, how will you clean your blanket? Is it a hand-wash only piece or can you place it into the washer? It could need dry-cleaning. Lastly, are there pets in your home? You will have to take into account that your blanket will have hair on it if they are permitted in that space. Your furry companions might wish to gnaw on it or drag it all over the house. If this is the case, buying an expensive blanket might not be the most suitable option. Regardless, it can’t hurt to keep several extras in the closet!

Use Pale Colored Curtains To Embrace The Sun

If the area gets natural light, use window curtains with a pastel color palette that won’t fade. Dump those hefty curtains and let the outside light waft in. Lighter colors reflect more sunshine, which will liven up your space! Lightweight curtains also let light filter through while still acting as a screen to hide the view. Unless you purchase blockout drapes some light will shine through these 3d UFO window curtains.

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” Jeffrey Zeldman

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Fleece Queen/Full Duvet

Hi, the Duvet Cover arrived yesterday. I am very unhappy. The cover has several dirt spots on it that appear to be grease or some other substance. I have taken pictures. I would send it back for a refund immediatly if I could. But, my daughter was so excited to get it and it was a birthday present. She would be devestated. How do you suggest we rectify this situation? The quality is not what I paid for.

BY todd mcintyre
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USA MicroSuede/Cotton Queen/Full Comforter

I received my turtle bedding today, and I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!! It is beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you for everything. You have been wonderful throughout the whole process, and I will definitely highly recommend you to everyone!!!! Thanks a million! Thanks, one extremely ecstatic turtle fanatic :)

BY Sarabeth
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Canvas Wrap - Custom Size

Received damaged by shipping company - UPS Contacting Vision Bedding about a replacement Looked good except for tear

BY Lori Holbert

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