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1950s Somerville Decor

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1950s Somerville Baby Bedding 127851850

Baby Bedding

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Choose From A Variety Of 1950s Home Decor Products

The 1950s Somerville pattern is on hand in a variety of home decor goods from wall art, to duvets, to custom size floor mats and curtains, and even custom size backdrops or towels.

Style Your Entire Rooms Decor

Entire 1950s themed collections are available for your bedroom, bathroom and almost any room in your house. How about a soft plush rug for your office?

You Can Personalize This Design

We can change the background color or any color within this design to ANY shade you desire. VisionBedding can also digitally add a unique message anywhere within the pattern. Our customization choices are essentially limitless. Let us alter the accessory objects or the main object within this specific 1950s Somerville design.

Baby Room decorating with 1950s Somerville baby decor.

Babies love sleep. The baby bedding you own will be baby’s most intimate contact for years! Make sure to give the baby bedding they cherish so they are cozy every night. When your baby gets bigger, you could actually have a kid who actually asks to take a nap! Here’s a hint: Pick primary colors in contrary to subtle pastels. Babies cannot see most non-primary colors very easily. Any number of bedspread design could make your baby content. Make sure to select something exciting like this 1950s Somerville design! Your baby is your pride and joy. Mix around different 1950s themed covers to find the best one that baby feels safest. If the baby remembers and establishes a relation with their crib, they won’t feel the need to wake you up at 5am! A baby’s bed is your young one’s little room, so style it up with designs. Try to fuse patterns and colors to let your baby see all sorts of gorgeous visuals.

When Rustic and Modern Clash

Many times, experts will try to convince you to decide one style of theme for your bedroom. Never be afraid of taking chances and experimenting with something different. If you love the simple tones and the ambiance of rural design, but the bright influence of urban 1950s aesthetics, throw them together in one space. Don’t forget to be bold, be fearless and be you!

“Design adds value faster than it adds cost.” Joel Spolsky

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Fleece Queen/Full Duvet

I ordered this for my daughter who has had a lifelong love of all things Japanese. The product was perfect- way beyond my specifications, and looks wonderful on her poster bed. She says it is feather soft and very comfortable, and the design is durable and vivid. Thank you, VisionBedding!

BY Timothy Maxey
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Furry Fleece Blanket 60x80

Unfortunately something went wrong because I did not have opportunity to see nor make changes to this blanket

BY Glenna Roesler
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USA MicroSuede/Cotton Queen/Full Comforter

Looks great! Even better then I imagined. The weight of the comforter is perfect for fall and winter. But my daughter keeps it on her bed all year cause it is just sooooo cool! I loved how I could add on my own words and sayings as well. Excellent work done by all!

BY Kylie Closson

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