How Custom Sized Window Curtains Will Add Flair and Style to Your Home

Many of us have spent more time than normal in our homes over the last eighteen months, and you may be starting to notice that your home could use a refresh. Your living spaces might be looking a little shabby, and you might be searching for a simple way to breathe new life into them. One great way to change up your space without having to take on any major projects is to hang new curtains.

Getting custom window curtains can upgrade your space with little to no hassle. Read on to learn about custom curtains and how they can make your home feel more luxurious in just a few minutes.

Quality Fabric

custom window curtains

One of the best things about getting custom window curtains for your home is that you know you’ll be getting high-quality fabric. Have you ever had curtains that started fading or fraying after just a few months? Have you noticed curtains that just drag down an entire room because they look like they came out of a plastic sleeve from Walmart?

When you have high-quality fabric for your curtains, it shows. Your space will feel more luxurious, and your curtains will have the sort of heft that only comes with quality fabric. Plus, your curtains will last longer before they begin to fade or wear out, since they’re made with material that’s designed to withstand the test of time.

Quality Lining

While quality curtain material is important, it’s only one part of truly high-quality curtains. The best tool you have to help your curtains last longer (and to keep the light and heat out of your rooms) is your curtain lining. When you get custom window curtains, you can also make sure your lining material is up to snuff.

Your curtain lining should be thick enough to protect your curtains from the damage the sun can cause over the years. It should also work to block heat in the summertime and keep your home insulated during the winter. And if you’re getting blackout curtains, you need to make sure your lining is adequate to keep sunlight out.

Improved Energy Efficiency

On the subject of keeping heat out, did you know good-quality curtains can be one of the best ways to make your home more energy efficient? Heat loss through your windows can account for up to a third of your home’s heating and cooling needs. Having good curtains in place can stem some of this heat loss, keeping your home a more comfortable temperature.

Of course, thin, shabby curtains will do very little to keep heat from radiating into your home. You need curtains that are at least two layers thick to provide the sort of insulation and protection to manage heat loss. Investing a little more in your curtains now could save you hundreds of dollars in electricity bills down the line.

More Pattern Options

Curtain patterns

Have you ever started shopping for curtains and discovered that no one had quite the pattern you were looking for? It can be frustrating to have a specific image in your mind and not be able to find it in stores. Instead of compromising on your dream for your home, why not get curtains made that match your exact vision?

When you get custom size window curtains, you can pick just about any fabric you like. There are thousands of options available, and you can even look into getting custom fabric manufactured if you’re willing to spend the money for it. You can choose custom colors and make sure your curtains are everything you envisioned for your home.

Custom Hardware

It can also be difficult to find hardware that matches both off-the-shelf curtains and your vision. You may not be able to find curtain tiebacks in the right style or color, or you might want a valance that simply isn’t offered in an off-the-shelf pack. Maybe you want a special trim on your curtains or a curtain rod that echoes elements of your curtains.

With custom curtains, you can make all of these dreams a reality. You can pick fabric that matches your curtain rods, add your custom trim, and get the perfect tiebacks for your curtains. You can make sure every detail is just what you dreamed when you get your curtains custom made.

Flexible Light Control

Custom window curtains

Another factor you need to consider when selecting curtains is what sort of light control you want. In bedrooms and south-facing rooms, you’ll likely want more light blocked out to keep the rooms darker and cooler during the heat of the day. But on north-facing windows, you might want lighter curtains to allow in some natural glow.

With custom window curtains, you can pick exactly the amount of light control you want in each room. Getting a custom fabric and lining means you can decide exactly how thick your curtains will be and how much light they’ll block. Do keep in mind, however, that thinner curtains will let more heat through, which could compromise your energy efficiency.

Precise Measurements

And, of course, the primary benefit of getting custom made window curtains is that you can get precise measurements for your windows. If you buy off-the-shelf curtains, chances are you’ll have way more fabric than you need on either side of the window, or awkward gaps at the sides. These can make your home look shabbier than it is.

Custom window curtains are the equivalent of a bespoke suit for your home. You can rest assured that everything will fit perfectly and look much more natural in place. From your bedroom to your living room, your curtains will look like they were, well, made for the space.

Discover the Benefits of Custom Window Curtains

Getting custom window curtains can be a great way to upgrade your home without undertaking major renovations. You can get exactly the colors, patterns, and finishes you want in sizes that exactly fit your home. You’ll save money on energy bills and get the light control you need, without having to compromise on your vision.

If you’d like to discover the benefits of custom window curtains for yourself, check out the rest of our site at Vision Bedding. We offer everything from bedding, pillows, to rugs and more. Shop our window curtains today and discover the joys of getting a personalized design for your home.