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Bedroom Decorating: The Complete Guide

The is a complete guide to decorating a bedroom. If you’re planning a complete remodel of your bedroom, it’s best to follow a guide like ours that takes you through all the steps. It will save you half the time and keep you within your budget. We will walk you through the best resources for planning out your bedroom remodel, visit your styles and help you define them, plan your budget, and help you carefully craft every aspect of your bedroom – from wall color to lighting.

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Table of Contents

Initial Planning

Building Your Vision

Before you begin redecorating, it’s best to have an idea of what you want. Better yet, an actual plan. And if you’re taking on a full renovation, why not design exactly what you want? If you have enough foresight and plan out your vision, getting exactly what you want in a bedroom renovation is totally possible.

Image Souce: visual.ly/community/infographic/home/tips-redecorating-your-apartment%E2%80%99s-living-room

Styles and Themes

Here are thousands of styles and themes to decorate a bedroom. But do you know what your bedroom style is? The right style will make you feel a certain way when you walk into the bedroom. Maybe you don’t have one – that’s totally fine. But if you’re going through the work of redecorating your bedroom, why not find an awesome style that suits you?!

Planning Your Budget

Planning your budget is an important consideration before beginning a bedroom redesign. If your budget is endless, than this is a section you can skip. But for the majority of people, there is a limit on what they can spend redecorating their bedroom. Having an idea of this at the beginning of your planning will allow you to know what is possible when redesigning, and will prevent you from wasting time on things you can’t afford, or worse, putting yourself into a money hole.

Evaluating Your Space

Image Souce: satoridesignforliving.com/client-bedroom-design-for-small-space-living/

Understanding Your Bedroom Size

Image Souce: frontdoor.furniturerow.com/how-to-and-do-it-yourself/bedroom-layout-guide#.WyvKJBIzbyh

Understanding Design Concepts

Image Souce: atlantahomesmag.com/article/homes-of-the-year/

Image Souce: archiparti.co/basic-interior-design-concepts-infographic/

Bedroom Basics 101


Image Souce:home.kapook.com/view106526.html

Image Souce:visual.ly/community/infographic/home/colors-interior-design

Patterns and Texture

Image Souce:pinterest.com/pin/497507090072496906/


Image Souce:houseofhome.com.au/s/light-fittings

Image Souce:webemy.co/lighting-for-room/bedroom-lighting-m/


Your Walls

Dressing Your Windows

Image Souce:purewow.com/home/Infographic-Guide-to-Window-Treatments?utm_source=synd&utm_medium=REAL&utm_campaign=pinswap

Image Souce:apartmenttherapy.com/dos-amp-donts-of-hanging-curtains-tips-amp-measurments-236043?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=managed&crlt.pid=camp.TVOfG2b7eTui

Decorating Your Walls

Choosing Your Furniture


Image Souce:pinterest.com/pin/337770040788943980/

Table Furnitures

Image Souce:batteriesplus.com/blog/lighting/seeing-things-in-a-different-light

Bedroom Closets

Image Souce:easyclosets.com/tips-ideas/2016/10/02/how-to-plan-your-walk-in-closet/?utm_source=Social+Media&utm_medium=Pinterest&utm_campaign=HowToPlanYourWalkInCloset10022014


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