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Tween Shower Curtains

Tween Shower Curtains

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Helping a pre-adolescent express him or herself can be a bit difficult. Oftentimes, he or she wants to behave like a grownup, but individuality and coolness is key. Tween shower curtains make it easy to spice up soon-to-be adults' spaces and make their bathrooms look as individualistic as the kids themselves. Whether it is color, style, or theme you are looking for, the perfect design is available.

In terms of aesthetics, it is usually the case with pre-teens that there is no such thing as "too loud." In other words, the more, the better. Choosing tween shower curtains in colorful rainbow designs is usually a safe bet, especially for pre-teen girls. One example is a design of different colored circles all placed together in a swirl design to look like a swirling rainbow. She will love how cool the image looks and the amount of color it brings to her room.

Another fairly universal idea to use for pre-adolescent girls is the ever-popular animal print. These unique shower curtains will flaunt, for example, a cheetah print, which will immediately be associated with being chic and high-fashion. With designs like these, younger girls will be able to feel a bit more grown-up like their role models in a way that promotes individuality as an alternative to clothing.

Boys of this age might be more interested in showing off their hobbies than specific designs. Tween shower curtains are available which flaunt an athlete's love for sports. One design represents each sport with a football, baseball, soccer ball, and golf ball, just to name a few. Each is surrounded by its own colored set of flames and the collection is arranged on a black backdrop. It is grown-up but will also help your boy show off what he loves to do.

If he is not into sports, he might appreciate bathroom shower curtains that have aesthetic appeal but are a little more neutral. For example, you can almost never go wrong with a good set of stripes in designing a room. One of these designs is adorned with black, white, and gray stripes that appear to be shining as though they are metallic. This is masculine but will also help the room look put-together.

At first, the task of decorating a bathroom for a pre-adolescent might seem a bit daunting. Their individuality, hobbies, and style are so important to them that it might seem easy to go wrong. However, it is most important to purchase tween shower curtains which help them to feel cool and confident, and incorporate their tastes. There are so many designs available; it is easy to get one that seems perfectly suited to the tastes and interests of your pre-teen.

NOTE: Camera & Copyright marks will NOT be on actual product. Each Design Can Be Customized!

NOTE: Camera & Copyright marks will NOT be on actual product. Each Design Can Be Customized!