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Giraffe Print Bath Decor

Giraffe Print Shower Curtains

Bath Mats, Towels, - Decorate Your Whole Bathroom!

Giraffes are most famous for their incredible height, but the design of their fur is also amazing and beautiful. So choose a set of giraffe print shower curtains, towels and bath mats to give your bathroom a natural and exotic decor. A giraffe's fur is designed with brown spots set against yellow, letting it blend in with the dry grass and trees of its native savanna habitat. With a set of giraffe print shower curtains patterned in brown and gray, brown and yellow or orange and yellow, you will have a shower curtain design true to life.

If you love the chaotic blend of unique spots and lines that make up giraffe print, yet prefer bolder and brighter colors that match or add vibrancy to your bathroom decor, we have many great options for you as well. How about a giraffe print shower curtains colored light pink and pinkish purple, dark pink and white, or violet and purple? We also have sky blue and white, blue and baby blue, and forest green set on lime green giraffe print shower curtains. Want even more options than that? Try giraffe print shower curtains that contrast bright red to pure white or two different shades of red.

Can't decide which is your favorite? That's no problem, because you can choose a whole set of towels that each have a different giraffe print style. And your little boy or girl will adore a towel that depicts a cartoon baby giraffe gnawing on tree leaves. Other ways to enjoy the natural art of giraffes include a bath mat that shows over a dozen illustrated animals set on light gray background.

This science book styled bath mat design features a brown and yellow giraffe, along with many other wild animals, including a tiger, a llama, a lizard, a rhino, an armadillo and a hyena.

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