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Whimsical Kid Girl Bedroom

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Whimsical Kid Girl
A whimsical-themed bedroom becomes a house of creativity and imagination for any little girl. This delightful room has soft neutral and pastel colors with lots of sugar and spice, perfect for a princess. Fun patterns dance across the bed cover and onto the pillows and headboard, creating a silly yet sweet space. The simple flowers on the pillows and the swirly tree on the headboard bring in a feeling of nature. Adorable images of cartoon girls blowing kisses to butterflies and sailing in paper boats decorate the walls, the soft blues adding a nice contrast to the pastel pinks in the bed. Cute animals can be found everywhere, from the kitty cat on the blanket to the colorful, perky owls on the curtains. Imagination is at play in every corner of this room. The throw pillow and rug feature fairies, adding a fantastical element to a little girls' fairy tale bedroom. Every color of the rainbow can be found in this room, yet its light and airy nature creates a warm place for sweet dreams.
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