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Track Teen Boy Bedroom

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Track Teen Boy
Track is a great sport for those who can do it. Running is a powerful feeling and feels good when you are competing in school or maybe even the Olympics! On this bed cover is true inspiration for such dreams with a graphic of track runners with one just making the finish line. The track is red and white, the sky is blue above a crowd of people. The sheets are shades of green with crosshatching pattern in the grain. The throw pillow shows several people just off the starting line on a track field. The headboard is an image of a track field on the curved end with white lines. The blanket shows an echoed image of a track runner in white, red and black. The rug is a really cool image of grass for a true feeling of being on the field. The image to the right shows a track run with numbers, grass on either side and a clouded blue sky above. The image above the bed shows a track runner jumping over a hurdle in a body of water, with a crisp reflection. The curtains are the green and red of a track field with white chalk lines. The walls are beige, the ceiling is deep grass green and the floor is natural hardwood.
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