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Tiger Adult Girl Bedroom

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Tiger Adult Girl
Big claws and even bigger teeth are seen in this tiger themed bedroom, perfect for all those who revere the true king of the jungle. The dark walls in this space convey the blackness of the tiger's stripes and complement the rich oranges seen in their fur. The bed cover highlights this famous pattern and features a portrait of a beautiful tiger amongst lush grass. These accents of green brighten up the space and remind of the dense jungles that these big cats call home. The wall art in the room displays several more portraits that capture the tiger's regality and wild beauty. Various images of white tigers are seen on the pillow cases, conveying a sense of exoticness and purity. More black and white is seen on the blanket, which features artwork of ferocious tigers in action, giving the room that wild and savage feel. This untamed room is full of both danger and grace, suitable for any woman who adores these striped big cats and wishes to admire their beauty day in and day out.
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