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Solar System Teen Boy Bedroom

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Solar System Teen Boy
From the bright, hot star that is the Sun to the frigid surface of Pluto and all of the stars speckled in between, nestled in the arms of the Milky Way galaxy, our solar system is full of mystery, power, and awe. This bedroom set captures the majesty of the planets in blue tones and orange accents set across a deep black universe. Both artistic representations and actual models of the solar system decorate this room. The bed cover combines both of these aesthetics, with realistic planets arranged in an interesting pattern across the night sky. The window curtains, rug, and pillows show the more artistic side, with bright blue and orange cosmic designs. A chart of the solar system and a blueprint for a rocket decorate the walls, bringing an academic flair to a wondrous environment. A magnificent view of Earth on the headboard and a nebulous blanket complete the room for one truly unique set, sure to set the mind alight through science and imagination. Be inspired to reach for the stars!
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