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Puppy girl kid Bedroom

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Puppy girl kid
Puppies are so cute and funny, with their crazy antics and energy, the young pups are innocent and not babies for long. With this room you can have puppies forever and you don't even have to clean up after them! On the bed cover is a cute pup in a purple bubble bath rested in the bottom right corner. The headboard is a fun and flowery whirl of blue purple and pink flowers against light blue. The sheets have multicolored puppy cartoon prints in organized columns of dog poses. The throw pillow has two shades of turquoise it linear stripes. The blanket is teal with many cartoon dogs in coats and hats. The rug is white with rainbow paw prints stomping through. The art to the right shows a cartoon puppy with big puppy eyes, a pink belled collar and a small gold grown on her head. The image above the bed shows a puppy and a kitten taking a bath together in a green tub, and a rubber ducky. The curtains has white fabric with cartoon dogs in various poses, each wearing a collection of fine puppy attire. The walls are beige, the ceiling is lavender and the floor is natural hardwood.
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