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Peacock F Adult Bedroom

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Peacock F Adult
This peacock themed bedroom is filled with a brilliant blue. These birds offer so much bright color, and beauty, as their feathers show off natures artist. This comforter starts off with a light purple that fades to blue, aqua, and finally green with ease. This adds such a light airy feel to the space. Our peacock blanket puts in some great contrast with its feathers and rich red background. The wall art above the bed shows a huge feather from a peacock allowing us to pick out each individual color of blue, orange, and yellow. The wall mural on the right has its feathers fanned out all the way with such pride, set on a gold artsy background. The window curtains offer a more subtle tone with a cream and light tan. Our rug has green plants and adds a little bit of nature into the space. The pillow cases pull light blue sweeps of color from the bed as our throw pillow pulls the rest of the room together with its three bold colors and dainty feathers.
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