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Patriotic Adult Boy Bedroom

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Patriotic Adult Boy
Here we have a patriotic-themed bedroom that is made to be a constant reminder of the everlasting pride all citizens of America feel for their beautiful country. The symbolic colors of red, white, and blue cover this room wall-to-floor, and across all the sheets. The wall art features images of the U.S.A's timeless symbols, the majestic Bald Eagle and the Constitution, to create a historic atmosphere and bring to mind our nation's humble beginnings. The room also has warm brown walls to create a rustic, hardy feel and to remind of our long history of hand-crafted goods. The rich red that envelops the ceiling represents the hardiness and valor of America, while the accents of blue and white remind us of the flag and all that it symbolizes. Stars of various colors around the room also hark back to our grand old flag and the fifty states she represents. This room is perfect for all patriotic citizens with an undying love for their country and a desire to capture that love in a bedroom that's as timeless as America herself.
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