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Palm Tree Bedroom

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Palm Tree
Two things that a teenage girl can't live without are vibrant colors, and the dream of vacationing somewhere that grows palm trees galore! This room is just that! Palm trees are showcased in every aspect of this room. To begin, the bedding is the focal point with its brightly colored yellow, pink and teal sunset creating a beautiful background for three large palm trees to pop from. The pillowcases here, each displaying palm trees themselves, are leaning up against a brightly colored purple, orange and green headboard that showcases even more palm trees! The wall art above the bed displays a unique perspective of a purple sky behind many tall palm trees. The wall art above the desk is an artistic rendition of a scenic ocean front with towering palm trees that hang over the water. The window coverings, floor rug, and blanket also showcase palm trees and all in a different way. The colors in the room are to die for and any teen girl would love to live here!
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