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Funky Teen Boy Bedroom

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Funky Teen Boy
Funky is the way to go if you enjoy color and beautiful designs. In this room we have just about every color and curve type you can imagine. On the bed cover there are numerous colors from orange to green CD's and swirls across the entire thing. The sheets are shades of green and brown with squares of different shapes and sizes. On the headboard we have black background with a sweep of florescent color across it. The blanket is fun with its funky orange and green colors. The rug has a wave of people dancing right down the middle in a group. The throw pillow has a collection of rainbow colors in a abstract pattern. The wall art to the right has many colors in motion lines , circles and spots. The funky wall mural above the bed looks like everything in the city just popping out at you in teal green to yellows. The curtains are yellow and brown matching the pattern on the blanket colors. The walls are light pale green, the ceiling is dark gray and the floor is light hardwood.
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