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Flamingo Teen Girl2 Bedroom

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Flamingo Teen Girl2
The flamingo is a delicate creature with its long neck and soft pink color, but its beauty and uniqueness is what makes is the perfect theme for a teenage girl's bedroom. Bedding displaying two of these majestic birds is the main focus for this room. Their long slender bodies lead the eyes up to the flamingo patterned pillowcases that rest against a medium pink and blue headboard. As your eyes go up further you see a piece of art which also showcases two pink flamingos standing on a bright pink landscape in front of a full white moon. The soft pink walls blend in well with these elements, but at the same time allows the art piece above the desk to stand out beautifully. The darker colors in this image encircle three elegant flamingos with soft pink backs standing in a aqua pool of water. These blues and greens are again seen in the image on the rug of two flamingos standing in tall green water plants. The bright green blanket with a single pink flamingo is a dramatic accent piece against the crisp white furniture and bedding. The simple line drawing shown on the curtains is an easy choice to finish off this room.
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