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Firefighter Adult Boy2 Bedroom

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Firefighter Adult Boy2
Firefighters are a brave family of people who risk their lives every day to protect us and keep us safe. This room is dedicated to that bravery and any man should be proud to call it is own. The bedding is the dominant feature here with the bright orange and yellow flames creating the black silhouettes of two brave firefighters. Flames are a continuing theme on the pillow cases which lead into the ladder headboard. The red on the walls keeps the fire theme going as it pulls your eyes towards the two firefighter art pieces. The first on the left says "Fire Fighter, Angels in Flames" and has wings. The second on the right shows a close-up of a fire hose just waiting to be put to good use. On the floor is a rug showcasing an image of a fire house where all the protective gear is lined up. The throw pillow shows us the firefighter's crest in black, gold, and red. The window curtains have a bit of a different feel than the rest of the artwork in this room but is still very much a part of the firefighter life. The black and white Dalmatian has been a long standing mascot for firefighters.
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