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Cupcake Teen Girl Bedroom

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Cupcake Teen Girl
What young teen girl doesn't love sweets? In this room, the bed cover resembles a bakery display of rainbow icing cupcakes, neatly lined in rows. Beneath, there are sheets of pale pink decorated with animated fruit-topped cupcakes and berries laid randomly. The throw pillow has a distinct line-up of pink cupcakes against a white background. The headboard is light wood, painted with five plain cupcakes below a billowing ribbon saying "welcome". At the foot of the bed lays a soft purple blanket, a shade similar to that which paints the ceiling, giving the room a plum-colored accent. The same color scheme carries over into the rug on the floor, where a macro image of a pretty pink cupcake sits within a pale violet background, with special attention drawn to the sprinkles and piece of candy atop the icing. The art to the right seems like it might belong in a bakery, with the words "Cakes of the Day" in white print over a forest green background, above the cartoonized image of several cupcakes with stars flying from behind them, and the stenciled image of shop windows filling the space above the pastries. The image above the bed is a simple picture of a simple cupcake, with a single dollop of white icing and one pink candle. The cupcake is to the left of the poster, rather than the center, and the background is a gradient, bright green. The curtains hold the likeness of a noble cupcake, served on a plate with a fork, and decorated with beautiful icing flowers. The walls are a very pale green, to bring the posters into the color scheme, and the wooden floors are white.
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