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Coral Reef Teen Girl Bedroom

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Coral Reef Teen Girl
Dozens of underwater spectacles can be seen in this coral reef themed bedroom, which is a perfect space for any young woman with an appreciation for these visually stunning ecosystems of the sea. The bed cover displays a lone clown fish amongst anemone, conveying a calm, natural feel to the space. The pillow cases also present images of various coral structures and another bright fish, to depict several of the many creatures found in these lively reefs. Busy photographs brimming with fish and plants alike can be seen on the wall stickers, which portray the constant bustle of the numerous denizens amongst the coral. Lastly, a bright illustration of a trio of seahorses can be seen on the blanket, adding a light-hearted and colorful feel to the space. This underwater bedroom is teeming with marine life, making it an ideal space for all those who have a passion for coral reefs that is as deep as the sea itself.
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