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Bowling Teen Girl Bedroom

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Bowling Teen Girl
The bowling alley atmosphere is embodied in this bowling themed bedroom, no doubt a perfect space for any young woman who has a strong passion for knocking down some pins. The vivid purple walls give a charming feel and complement the room's cool color scheme. The comforter shows an image of an orange bowling ball hitting some pins, conveying action and excitement. The pillow cases feature a bright yellow bowling ball with squiggly designs of color. Our eye is immediately drawn to the wall art above the bed with its bright blue background and green pins sent flying into the air. The wall sticker to the right uses a rainbow of color to liven up this atmosphere, and our rug presents a bold black and white pattern featuring even more pins, to add contrast and a distinct sharpness to the space. This fun bedroom is perfect for all those who have enjoy the well-loved sport of bowling, regardless of whether it's a casual game or a fierce competition.
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