Trends in boy’s bedroom decor

Boys’ bedrooms are often a decorating challenge. If you are ready to give your toddler a big-boy room or you are trying to figure out what to do to give your teen’s room a more age-appropriate look, it may seem that the offerings are limited. However, with a little imagination, you don’t have to settle for a cookie-cutter design from just a few retail options.

For older boys and teens, try to find something that reflects their interest. Decorate his room with a tropical beach theme with surfboarding bedding or a wind surfing rug. Or consider his favorite sport and add some football-themed pillows or a wall mural. You can even find BMX-themed bedding, pillows, rugs, and wall art.  Consider using dark paint colors, like black walls with a rock-and-roll theme, or dark green with camouflage bedding and curtains.

For younger boys, consider themes with animals. Whether he loves ducks, tree frogs, or monkeys, you can decorate his room like a rainforest, jungle, forest, or desert with a wall mural or wall sticker. Bring in his favorite animals like Gila monsters, horses, snakes, or sharks with pillows, wall art, or a great rug.

Decorators tell parents to let kids use their imaginations when it comes to their bedroom decor and to let them choose their own bedding. Furniture is expensive to replace, so parents should make that call. However, give in and let him have alien, monster, space travel or pirate throw pillows and bedding. If you are really worried that his choice will get old fast, buy a duvet cover that can be easily switched out. Choose cool wall decals and wall stickers that you can easily remove when he gets older.

Go with the traditional but with some updates. Dinosaur-, train-, cowboy- or car-themed rooms can be made to look modern and fresh with bright colors or cool lighting. Or pick a great area rug with a fabulous image of a Corvette or a cowboy riding off into the sunset. Choose curtains with a cute dino or locomotive print.

Today’s boy likes a little edge to his bedroom. Add some tattoo-inspired artwork or some skulls on pillows. It’s OK to go a little dark with theme. A crashed spaceship duvet cover or some murderous aliens from another planet are actually cool in a boy’s bedroom as long as they are used sparingly.

When it comes to color, the trend now is traditional. Use primary colors like red, yellow, and blue in a younger boy’s room, while neutrals like black, khaki, chocolate, navy, and forest green look great in an older boy’s room. Neon colors are hot right now in home decor, so don’t be afraid to add a touch of electric blue, acid green, or neon yellow to some of his accessories.

Make sure you have plenty of storage space in his room. You can accomplish that with a bed that has a trundle drawer, some bookshelves with fabric drawers and a carefully organized closet. He needs a good desk to study with storage for books and school work. Younger boys need a great rug so they can play on the floor. Older boys require a chair for gaming and a TV console that has storage for controllers and video games.

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