Top trends in kids’ bedrooms

If your toddler is ready for a big-kid room, or it’s simply just time for a new look in your son’s or daughter’s bedroom, there are more choices than you think. It used to be that children’s’ room styles consisted of some generic furniture and a bed in a bag featuring cartoon characters. Today, there are so many choices it can be overwhelming.

According to HGTV, vintage is the way to go, especially in girl’s rooms. You can blend grandma’s old iron bed with newer elements, like bedding in her favorite color or in a vintage flower style. You can take the vintage look into a boy’s room, too, with distressed furniture and a cowboy or baseball theme.

HGTV’s designers say that parents are gravitating to gray as the neutral in their kid’s rooms. It’s no wonder because gray looks beautiful with a variety of colors, like pink, blue, yellow, coral, and navy. Go nautical in a boy’s room or fairy princess in a girl’s and add gray accents.

Another designer element to consider, according to HGTV is to not be too “matchy-matchy.” Her curtains can be a different print than her bedding. Paint his bedroom wall a bright color and don’t worry about matching the rug perfectly. You can incorporate their favorite hobbies or their interests in their artwork or even their bedding, and it doesn’t have to perfectly match. Add some cheerleader throw pillows on her bed or firefighter artwork on his wall.

The important thing to remember when designing a kid’s room is to put functionality first. An older child needs a desk where he can focus entirely on homework. Younger children should have a good rug on the floor to keep them comfortable while playing. It will protect your floor or carpet from damage or stains, too. Be sure your child has a chair for gaming or watching TV. Designers are focusing on creating cute, yet very functional, kid-sized seating.

Storage for books and toys is very important. There are tons of DIY ways to personalize a bookcase or a dresser without breaking the bank. You can even turn wall space into attractive storage. You can combine seating and storage with some clever designs that incorporate both. Many children’s beds include storage today, too.

Choose furniture that saves space. Most secondary bedrooms today aren’t as large as anyone would like, and kids need ample room for sleeping, playing, and doing homework. Go with bunk beds over two twin beds. Or choose some of today’s really cool trundle designs that can be used as another bed or for more storage. Don’t forget to make the most of his closet space. You can eliminate a piece of furniture and create more play space with a well-designed closet.

Remember, you child’s bedroom is where memories are made. You want their room to be the place in your home that they love to be. Give them some choices, especially with things like bedding that can be easily replaced in a couple of years when they get older. Make it a reflection of their budding personalities!

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