Start Spring Off with a Bedroom Make Over


Spring is a time to think about Emerging colors and Rejuvenation after a long winter.
Start the season off with a bedroom make over.  This room is a graceful way to ease into spring.  The bed cover is off white with a beige floral pattern sure to add a lightness to any space.  The wall mural above the bed demands our attention with its deep coral tulips and brown grunge background adding a sophisticated artsy feel to the room.  Our blue and teal pillow cases along with the blush throw pillow add just the right mix of color and contrast for an eye appealing look that’s not overwhelming.  The blanket draws us across the room with the same matching colors, while our rug is a bit lighter giving off an airy feel with pastel teal and light pink flowers.  The wall art on the right has multicolored tulips emerging from sleek white vases each with a bright green leaf.  All together this room allows us the clean classy feel we need to keep us light and care free this season.
Emerald may be the color of the year, but teal and coral are definitely colors to be reckoned with this spring!


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