New home decor trends for spring

Ready to fresh your home for spring? Clear out those winter doldrums with some of the freshest styles that will give your home a look that will reflect your personal style. Spring 2013 is all about cool new computer-generated fabrics, wall art, rugs, bold floral prints, and butterfly designs.

Home decorating tends to incorporate ideas from the world of fashion. The prints and colors that you see on runways today will end up on your beddings, rugs, and accessories sooner or later. One of the latest fashion trends is computer-generated photo fabric. From tropical beach sunsets to buffalo, these photo images are becoming huge in bedding and more.

Every home needs great wall art. Interior designers are making art the focal point of the room. Choose great landscapes, a beautiful still life, or a large piece based on your favorite hobby or special interest. Look for pieces that reflect your personality and the style of your room. Don’t be afraid to make a great piece of art an architectural element with a mural that covers an entire wall. The key is to find an image that you love that you will enjoy seeing every time you enter the room.

A new rug can change the look of your room. Don’t settle for a solid color. Choose from one of the cool ethnic prints that are becoming hot in home decor. Think eastern Asian, but not like your grandmother’s old Persian rug. You are looking for something with fresh patterns, like ikat or anything with triangles. If you’re looking for something to coordinate with vintage decor, think about a pretty damask print.

It isn’t spring without flowers, and this year they are bold prints. Choose something with an eye-catching retro vibe or stick to early 20th-century wallpaper designs. If you aren’t sold on the flower theme, at least spruce up your sofa with a few throw pillows. Flower lovers should take this opportunity to go all out with floral print curtains.

Butterflies are always a favorite when it comes to home furnishings, but this year they are bigger than ever. Use them as accents in your living room or den. But when it comes to your bedroom, go all out. It gives your personal retreat the feel of an enchanted English cottage in you have antique furnishings. With modern decor butterflies can give your bedroom a retro feel. Either way, these winged beauties will give any bedroom a fresh look.

Whether you are looking at redecorating an entire room or simply adding a few new touches to celebrate the coming of warm weather, pick pieces you can change out later in the year. This is especially true if you change bedding or accessories to reflect the season or the holidays. Choose a new duvet that you can remove when fall rolls around. Or update your throw pillows with covers instead of buying complete new ones. These are the tricks of budget-savvy decorators. They also save space in your garage or attic.

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