How to use throw pillows to enhance your decor

If you love the bold prints and colors that are hot right now in home decorating but are afraid to commit, start with some cool throw pillows. Pillows are relatively inexpensive and can be changed out easily. They are great accessories to use to try out new decorating ideas that you aren’t completely sure will suit your style

It’s amazing how much a single pillow can change an entire room. Throw pillows add color or brightness in dark or neutral rooms, and sometimes they can pull various colors and designs together. They can also redefine a space depending on where you put them.

Throw pillows placed along the back of a day bed create seating. Move them to one side of the day bed an you have a sleeping area. Create seating in a breakfast nook or on a bench with some pillows against the wall. Larger pillows on the floor make seating in kids’ rooms for watching television or playing video games.

Pillows are powerful in your decor. One pillow in a chair can be a focal point in a room. It can pull together divergent colors and styles. It can reflect your personality with a perfect rose or retro print.

Bedrooms are the place to go wild with pillows. Put a couple of throw pillows up against your pillow shams for a whole new look. Or scatter various shapes and sizes across your guest room bed to provide extra comfort for your visitors.

Start with choosing a great pattern. You can go with an animal print or a hot tribal design, or consider a cool landscape or even your favorite animal. Pull colors out of the patterned pillow and add additional pillows with those colors.

One trend is to not be too obsessed with matching bedding. Don’t afraid to have pillows shams that aren’t exact replicas of your comforter. Look for a coordinating pattern or contrasting color to add some interest to your bedroom.

Put a plastic storage bin under your bed to stow the throw pillows if you don’t use them while you sleep. It’s also a great place to keep an extra throw or blanket handy if you get chilly at night. This is a must for beds that have six or more pillows. Or have a hamper in your closet that can be used solely for pillow storage.

With your sofa, you can go traditional by putting two pillows at either end. Put the smaller of the two pillows in the front. Or, for a more modern look, place a pillow on the back of each cushion facing the room. On long sofas, you can arrange the pillows layered at an angle across the back.

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