How to redo a guest room on a budget

If your guest room is in desperate need of a redo you don’t have to break the bank. With a few tricks, paint, and some new bedding, you can create a whole new look for less than $500.

A guest room needs to be a place where your houseguests can relax and have some privacy. No matter what your decor, a vase with some fresh-cut flowers, a few chocolates on the bedside table or a power station for their electronics are great touches. Your goal is to make the room as comfortable as possible.

If you live in a vacation destination like the beach or the mountains, you might want to consider outfitting your guest room in a theme that reflects the nearby sites. Go with tropical island bedding or with a beach sunset rug if you live on the coast. Go green and rustic in mountain communities. If you live in a city, consider a glittering nighttime cityscape blanket for the end of the bed.

As far as colors go, soothing is a good choice. Blues and greens will make your in-laws completely forget about the flight from hell. Ever dream of an all-white bedroom? It may not be practical for every day, but pure white linens and walls will give your guest room a fresh, breezy look that inspires relaxation.

Often the guest room is the smallest bedroom in your home. Small rooms are always a decorating challenge, but they don’t have to be. Go double duty with the furniture. A low chest of drawers can double as a bedside table. Using the same color paint on the walls and on the furniture can make the room look bigger, too.

Make sure there are some pops of color in your serene room to give it some interest. You can do this with a great rug. If the room is small, consider a round rug halfway under the bed. It will give the room an open, airy feeling. Or recycle your old sofa pillows with throw pillow covers that have pretty florals or great nautical motifs.

Forgo the seating. Your guests have the rest of the house to sit in, and they will primarily only get dressed and sleep in your guest room. Do provide a lot of pillows on the bed, however, to give them comfort if they want to read or catch up on their email in bed. You can add some interest by having more than one bed pillow. Double or triple the number, giving each set a new pillow sham.

Provide some storage. Make sure there is room in the closet or under the bed for their luggage. Leave a dresser drawer empty and some nice hangers with room in the closet. Many people make the guest room a catch-all for holiday decor and other things they don’t use every day. Clear it out to the garage or to storage so that your guests have room for their things.

Guest rooms can be an oasis for the traveler. You can create that haven for them with a little effort and a not a lot of money.

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