Four of the hottest nursery trends for 2013

Designing your baby’s nursery doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Vary a little from your home’s décor or go completely different. It is a room where parents will be spending a lot of time, so make it a place that you love with great bedding, curtains, rugs, and wall art. Here are some ideas to get you going if you are expecting a new addition this year.

Experts have long agreed that newborns respond to the contrast between black and white, and this year the yin and yang colors are tops in design trends. It’s easy to bring in other bright-colored accessories later as your child grows when you go with this simple theme. One designer recently interviewed by iVillage says that a black and white patterned rug will help break up blocks of color. Choose this decor if your home or personal style leans toward elegant.

Pick some cool tribal prints. Ikat, suzani, and otomi are prints that are quickly making their way into fashion and home decor. Set a trend and incorporate them in your nursery. Take it eastern Asian with sari prints, ikat and suzani, or check out the animal prints of the indigenous people of Central and South America with otomi and colorful Guatemalan styles. Be sure to add some elephant or monkey wall art or print curtains to play with the theme. Choose this design if you are the hippest person you know. (Or want to be.)

If you love animals, you can’t go wrong with a jungle or rainforest theme. With emerald green the color of 2013, you can incorporate it into your jungle nursery. Consider bedding with parrots or tree frogs. Or go with animal print, like cheetah or zebra. It’s not going away. Choose some curtains with lions or even peacocks. Choose this design if you love animals and want your child’s earliest memories to be of critter friends.

Ooo la la! If you want a nursery that says “girl” without the fussiness, go with a chic Parisian theme.  You don’t have to hang that Eiffel Tower poster you had in your dorm room, but look for vintage rugs with sepia tones of the Seine. Look for some cool ‘60s retro French curtains with bike-riding girls in berets. The furniture can reflect the French country style that’s hot right now. Choose this theme if you are a hopeless romantic or love European style.

Another design style you’ll find in homes is industrial chic, and it’s a fabulous decor to use to create a great boy’s nursery. Incorporate the hottest color for nurseries this year – gray. It’s great to add a pop of color like yellow, turquoise or even chocolate brown. Don’t be afraid to add a blanket with a little bit of grunge style to the mix. This is the right nursery for parents who are engineers, loft dwellers or those who are still metal heads on the down low.

No matter what style you choose, remember that the room is for other family members as well. Consider a small sofa or even a day bed in addition to the rocker. They come in hand if your baby is sick or as a place for older children or grandparents to sit. A rug is a necessity! Things get dropped on the floor in a nursery all the time, so choose a rug to protect your carpet or hardwood. It will also add keep the room a little warmer during the cooler months.

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