Five ways to update your bathroom for less than $500

Besides the kitchen, a bathroom in your home is most likely to be the room you dream of updating. If you don’t have the $5,000 to $10,000 you need to make your bathroom your favorite room in the house, spend $500 and give it a completely new look

  1. Paint. A little cosmetic work goes a long way

As the experts at HGTV will tell you, virtually any bathroom will look better with a fresh coat of paint. Try a nice shade of green or even a pretty lilac. Stick to bold and bright in the kids’ bathroom.

Scope out some of the painting tips on Pinterest to learn how to create some interesting patterns or designs. Who ever dreamed yarn wrapped around a paint roller would look like THAT? You can also stencil a gloss paint on matte with a great design for a custom look.

  1. A fabulous shower curtain.

Especially if you have a small bathroom, the shower curtain is the focal point of the room. After a few years of looking at the same one several times a day, it gets old fast.

If you are looking for a shower curtain for the master bath, pick something that complements your new paint. Repeat that cool pattern you created with stencil. Look for something vintage if you embrace shabby chic.

A kid’s shower curtain should be fun. Pick something that interests them, like their favorite animal or sport. For teens, go with their favorite colors or their current interest. Don’t be afraid of it getting dated too fast. You’ll be ready for it to go before your son gets tired of motorcross.

  1. Beef up the linen closet

A set of new towels hanging in your bathroom is only second to a new shower curtain when it comes to visual impact. Choose something in the same family as the shower curtain. Pair a set of solid-colored towels with printed hand towels that feature your favorite flower or color.

Select kids’ bathroom towels with fun in mind. Get an olive green set and pair it with some cool camouflage. Put some towels with castles on them in your little princess’ bathroom.

  1. Keep bare feet happy with a new rug

Make sure there is a new carpet rug in front of the tub and in front of the vanity. Nobody likes walking across a cold floor when they get out of the shower, and cheap bathroom rugs wear out quickly. Coordinate your new rugs with the shower curtains or the towels. Or you could even match the paint if you want a decorator look.

  1. A touch of art.

Most bathrooms have at least a tiny bit of wall space that begs for a great art piece that will reflect your personal style. Choose a pretty landscape, a stunning still life, or even a modern piece to reflect your retro decor. Keep it light in your kids’ bathroom, with an amusement park theme or bicycles.

Paint, shower curtain, towels, rugs, and art. That’s all you need to give any bathroom a facelift, and you can easily do it for less for $500. You might even have some money left over to update the light fixtures, too!

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