Emerald green springs up for 2013 Color of the Year

It’s finally spring, and that makes many people think about green. The color that promises new life is always popular in fashion and home decor. However, look for a lot of one particular hue this year. Rich, clear emerald green has been named the color of the year for 2013
According to the color people Pantone the world’s provider of professional color standards for fashion and furnishings, emerald green has taken over top color from tangerine tango, a red-orange that was hot in 2012. They cite the cool tone’s luxurious feel and inspiration for growth and harmony for its upswing in popularity. With the Pantone blessing, you can be assured that the New York fashion houses will be unveiling everything from scarves to lamps all year in the lush, rich green color.
Interior designers love emerald because it is a color that is never out of place. We see green in nature, and bringing that color into our homes is, well, natural! It’s a color that promotes security, whether through the green crops that meant a family a century ago would prosper another year or as a reminder of the greenbacks in your wallet.
Emerald is, of course, a rare gemstone that is worth more per carat weight than even the diamond. Big, bold natural emeralds are virtually non-existent in today’s jewelry, and those in-the-know can spot one of those gemstone unicorns faster than a Kardashian can find a boyfriend. Wear a large diamond in Hollywood, people nod and smile. Wear a giant emerald, and they’re calling everyone in town.
You’ll make people happy when you add green to your home furnishings. It’s second only to blue as people’s favorite color. For humans, it’s the most visual color, too, taking up the largest amount of the color spectrum. Placing some strategic emerald accessories around your home may affect your mood, too. Green helps you to relax, both physically and mentally. Emerald is a great color when you are feeling blue. Studies have found it calms you down and alleviates some symptoms of depression and nervousness. Take an emerald green throw to your mother-in-law’s house instead of the Xanax. You’ll be glad you did.
If you haven’t redecorated in a while and want to update your look without breaking the bank, consider some great emerald pillows. Add a couple of deep green Vision throw pillows to your sofa, or recover the ones on your bed with our throw pillow covers. Drape one of our emerald green blankets over the foot of your guest bed. Add a touch of emerald as art or architectural design with our emerald green wall art. Emerald is a great color to coordinate with neutrals. It provides the perfect pop of color.
If you love emerald green, create a whole bedroom based on it with VisionBedding rugs, bedding, curtains, and even shower curtains and bath towels. Pair it with tan, white, gray, black, yellow or pink. And if you find one of our fabulous designs that doesn’t come in emerald, don’t fret. We can customize it to be the perfect green to match your fancy.
Create a comfortable, colorful home by pouring on the luxurious, relaxing, emerald green. It’s a great all-round color that isn’t gender-specific. And it creates a slice of evergreen happiness in every room!

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