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Change the look of any room with a great rug

Now that many homeowners have fallen in love with the easy care of hardwood, tile, and stained concrete floors, rugs are a necessity. The primary reason people have rugs is for warmth. It’s great to have something warm and soft under bare feet, especially in the colder months. But rugs can also create fabulous design elements that will take your home from great to fabulous.

When you put furniture in a room, it tends to be in clusters. Think about a sofa, coffee table and an end table. Or two facing chairs with a table ottoman in the middle. Area rugs are designed to give those areas a frame. It subconsciously designates the area as a place to go. That’s why no one ever sits in that chair in the corner. People tend to drift toward framed areas.

Bedrooms have a slightly different challenge. They are rooms where people often have bare feet. You want to put your feet on a rug when you get out of bed. That’s where runners come in. Runners are long rugs that people think of putting in hallways or on stairs, but the sides of beds are also a fabulous place for a runner. You can consider putting one at the foot of your bed, too. Another option is to use a rectangular area rug horizontally under your bed a third of the way down. You end up with the sides and foot of the bed covered and your night stands on the floor. Whether you choose the area rug or the runners, they’ll give you bedroom a warm, inviting look.

A stunning rug is a must for under your dining room table. Most people make the mistake of buying an area rug to fit under their table. Don’t forget you have chairs. Be sure the rug extends at least 18 inches past your table to keep chair legs from getting stuck on the edge of the rug. Nothing is worse than Aunt Edna not being able to push her chair to the table at Thanksgiving because you bought a too-small rug.

Round rugs have a couple of important interior design jobs. They frame round tables. You don’t have to have a round rug under a round table or ottoman, but sometimes it can provide a really nice design element in a room. The most important thing a round rug does is make a room look larger than it appears. A round rug becomes a focal point and opens a room up. It is a must for a small space.

Even if you have carpet there are some places in your home where small carpet rugs are in order. Every entry of your home could use some sort of rug, especially if you have pets. The bathroom should have a rug in front of each vanity or a larger rug if you have a large bath. The spots in the kitchen where you spend the most time, like the sink, your prep counter or the over are also must-have areas for a good carpet rug.

Ready for a new rug look? Layer them! One rug on top of the other is a great way to add some art on your floor.