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Easter home decorating ideas

Easter is the time where spring seems to start in earnest. After a long winter, decorating your home for the holiday is a great way to incorporate some pretty spring colors and themes. Whether you add some Easter touches to your decor or go all out by decorating your entire home for the season, the trend to bring out the bunnies and eggs is here to stay.

The primary accessory that is a must-have for Easter is a fabulous wreath. Hang it on a door or to accent a wall in your home. Spring flowers like hydrangeas, lilies, and roses are great florals for a wreath, or you can go with the pastel eggs and bunnies. For a bit of whimsy, make one out of Peeps, the brightly colored marshmallow bunnies and chicks. Buy one already created or make your own with plastic eggs and a grapevine wreath.

Another popular accessory for Easter decor is a tree. Similar to a Christmas tree, the Easter tree often has pastel eggs dangling from its bare branches. You can create a more dramatic look with jeweled eggs, too. Some decorators are repurposing small and even large Christmas trees and decorating them with pastel eggs and garlands.

Brighten up your living room with bunny throw pillows on your sofa or in a chair. Sweet bunnies and eggs are quintessential Easter decorations. If you prefer to focus more on the religious significance of the holiday, choose classic Christian images, including lambs, the cross with a crown of thorns or lilies.

More and more holiday lovers are decorating their guest bedrooms or even the master suite with bedding, rugs, and wall art that celebrates the season. If you want to try the theme without being too committed, get a bunny or chick throw for the bottom of your bed. Or choose some pretty Easter egg throw pillows to coordinate with your current bedding.

For those who are all in, great comforters, duvet covers, pillow shams and more are available in cool designs. Look for great pastel prints or the traditional bunny and egg design. Bedroom decor is also a great place to display wall art to inspire you in your faith, so consider a great cross gallery wrap or framed poster in your prayer and meditation space.

The dining area is also a place to go wild with the Easter theme. Table runners and centerpieces are a must for your family dinner. If small children are coming, the rabbit and egg theme is appropriate, but if your family has moved past the Easter bunny stage, go a little more sophisticated with moss rabbits and hand-painted eggs in pretty prints.

Consider putting an Easter-themed rug under your dining table. Choose a field of gorgeous yellow daffodils or a bevy of bunnies. A rug is an unexpected touch in holiday decor and is certain to draw some “oohs” and “ahs” from your guests.

Celebrate spring with Easter decor. It’s appropriate from any time after Valentine’s Day until the end of April, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy it!

Top trends in kids’ bedrooms

If your toddler is ready for a big-kid room, or it’s simply just time for a new look in your son’s or daughter’s bedroom, there are more choices than you think. It used to be that children’s’ room styles consisted of some generic furniture and a bed in a bag featuring cartoon characters. Today, there are so many choices it can be overwhelming.

According to HGTV, vintage is the way to go, especially in girl’s rooms. You can blend grandma’s old iron bed with newer elements, like bedding in her favorite color or in a vintage flower style. You can take the vintage look into a boy’s room, too, with distressed furniture and a cowboy or baseball theme.

HGTV’s designers say that parents are gravitating to gray as the neutral in their kid’s rooms. It’s no wonder because gray looks beautiful with a variety of colors, like pink, blue, yellow, coral, and navy. Go nautical in a boy’s room or fairy princess in a girl’s and add gray accents.

Another designer element to consider, according to HGTV is to not be too “matchy-matchy.” Her curtains can be a different print than her bedding. Paint his bedroom wall a bright color and don’t worry about matching the rug perfectly. You can incorporate their favorite hobbies or their interests in their artwork or even their bedding, and it doesn’t have to perfectly match. Add some cheerleader throw pillows on her bed or firefighter artwork on his wall.

The important thing to remember when designing a kid’s room is to put functionality first. An older child needs a desk where he can focus entirely on homework. Younger children should have a good rug on the floor to keep them comfortable while playing. It will protect your floor or carpet from damage or stains, too. Be sure your child has a chair for gaming or watching TV. Designers are focusing on creating cute, yet very functional, kid-sized seating.

Storage for books and toys is very important. There are tons of DIY ways to personalize a bookcase or a dresser without breaking the bank. You can even turn wall space into attractive storage. You can combine seating and storage with some clever designs that incorporate both. Many children’s beds include storage today, too.

Choose furniture that saves space. Most secondary bedrooms today aren’t as large as anyone would like, and kids need ample room for sleeping, playing, and doing homework. Go with bunk beds over two twin beds. Or choose some of today’s really cool trundle designs that can be used as another bed or for more storage. Don’t forget to make the most of his closet space. You can eliminate a piece of furniture and create more play space with a well-designed closet.

Remember, you child’s bedroom is where memories are made. You want their room to be the place in your home that they love to be. Give them some choices, especially with things like bedding that can be easily replaced in a couple of years when they get older. Make it a reflection of their budding personalities!

New home decor trends for spring

Ready to fresh your home for spring? Clear out those winter doldrums with some of the freshest styles that will give your home a look that will reflect your personal style. Spring 2013 is all about cool new computer-generated fabrics, wall art, rugs, bold floral prints, and butterfly designs.

Home decorating tends to incorporate ideas from the world of fashion. The prints and colors that you see on runways today will end up on your beddings, rugs, and accessories sooner or later. One of the latest fashion trends is computer-generated photo fabric. From tropical beach sunsets to buffalo, these photo images are becoming huge in bedding and more.

Every home needs great wall art. Interior designers are making art the focal point of the room. Choose great landscapes, a beautiful still life, or a large piece based on your favorite hobby or special interest. Look for pieces that reflect your personality and the style of your room. Don’t be afraid to make a great piece of art an architectural element with a mural that covers an entire wall. The key is to find an image that you love that you will enjoy seeing every time you enter the room.

A new rug can change the look of your room. Don’t settle for a solid color. Choose from one of the cool ethnic prints that are becoming hot in home decor. Think eastern Asian, but not like your grandmother’s old Persian rug. You are looking for something with fresh patterns, like ikat or anything with triangles. If you’re looking for something to coordinate with vintage decor, think about a pretty damask print.

It isn’t spring without flowers, and this year they are bold prints. Choose something with an eye-catching retro vibe or stick to early 20th-century wallpaper designs. If you aren’t sold on the flower theme, at least spruce up your sofa with a few throw pillows. Flower lovers should take this opportunity to go all out with floral print curtains.

Butterflies are always a favorite when it comes to home furnishings, but this year they are bigger than ever. Use them as accents in your living room or den. But when it comes to your bedroom, go all out. It gives your personal retreat the feel of an enchanted English cottage in you have antique furnishings. With modern decor butterflies can give your bedroom a retro feel. Either way, these winged beauties will give any bedroom a fresh look.

Whether you are looking at redecorating an entire room or simply adding a few new touches to celebrate the coming of warm weather, pick pieces you can change out later in the year. This is especially true if you change bedding or accessories to reflect the season or the holidays. Choose a new duvet that you can remove when fall rolls around. Or update your throw pillows with covers instead of buying complete new ones. These are the tricks of budget-savvy decorators. They also save space in your garage or attic.

Four of the hottest nursery trends for 2013

Designing your baby’s nursery doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Vary a little from your home’s décor or go completely different. It is a room where parents will be spending a lot of time, so make it a place that you love with great bedding, curtains, rugs, and wall art. Here are some ideas to get you going if you are expecting a new addition this year.

Experts have long agreed that newborns respond to the contrast between black and white, and this year the yin and yang colors are tops in design trends. It’s easy to bring in other bright-colored accessories later as your child grows when you go with this simple theme. One designer recently interviewed by iVillage says that a black and white patterned rug will help break up blocks of color. Choose this decor if your home or personal style leans toward elegant.

Pick some cool tribal prints. Ikat, suzani, and otomi are prints that are quickly making their way into fashion and home decor. Set a trend and incorporate them in your nursery. Take it eastern Asian with sari prints, ikat and suzani, or check out the animal prints of the indigenous people of Central and South America with otomi and colorful Guatemalan styles. Be sure to add some elephant or monkey wall art or print curtains to play with the theme. Choose this design if you are the hippest person you know. (Or want to be.)

If you love animals, you can’t go wrong with a jungle or rainforest theme. With emerald green the color of 2013, you can incorporate it into your jungle nursery. Consider bedding with parrots or tree frogs. Or go with animal print, like cheetah or zebra. It’s not going away. Choose some curtains with lions or even peacocks. Choose this design if you love animals and want your child’s earliest memories to be of critter friends.

Ooo la la! If you want a nursery that says “girl” without the fussiness, go with a chic Parisian theme.  You don’t have to hang that Eiffel Tower poster you had in your dorm room, but look for vintage rugs with sepia tones of the Seine. Look for some cool ‘60s retro French curtains with bike-riding girls in berets. The furniture can reflect the French country style that’s hot right now. Choose this theme if you are a hopeless romantic or love European style.

Another design style you’ll find in homes is industrial chic, and it’s a fabulous decor to use to create a great boy’s nursery. Incorporate the hottest color for nurseries this year – gray. It’s great to add a pop of color like yellow, turquoise or even chocolate brown. Don’t be afraid to add a blanket with a little bit of grunge style to the mix. This is the right nursery for parents who are engineers, loft dwellers or those who are still metal heads on the down low.

No matter what style you choose, remember that the room is for other family members as well. Consider a small sofa or even a day bed in addition to the rocker. They come in hand if your baby is sick or as a place for older children or grandparents to sit. A rug is a necessity! Things get dropped on the floor in a nursery all the time, so choose a rug to protect your carpet or hardwood. It will also add keep the room a little warmer during the cooler months.

Emerald green springs up for 2013 Color of the Year

It’s finally spring, and that makes many people think about green. The color that promises new life is always popular in fashion and home decor. However, look for a lot of one particular hue this year. Rich, clear emerald green has been named the color of the year for 2013
According to the color people Pantone the world’s provider of professional color standards for fashion and furnishings, emerald green has taken over top color from tangerine tango, a red-orange that was hot in 2012. They cite the cool tone’s luxurious feel and inspiration for growth and harmony for its upswing in popularity. With the Pantone blessing, you can be assured that the New York fashion houses will be unveiling everything from scarves to lamps all year in the lush, rich green color.
Interior designers love emerald because it is a color that is never out of place. We see green in nature, and bringing that color into our homes is, well, natural! It’s a color that promotes security, whether through the green crops that meant a family a century ago would prosper another year or as a reminder of the greenbacks in your wallet.
Emerald is, of course, a rare gemstone that is worth more per carat weight than even the diamond. Big, bold natural emeralds are virtually non-existent in today’s jewelry, and those in-the-know can spot one of those gemstone unicorns faster than a Kardashian can find a boyfriend. Wear a large diamond in Hollywood, people nod and smile. Wear a giant emerald, and they’re calling everyone in town.
You’ll make people happy when you add green to your home furnishings. It’s second only to blue as people’s favorite color. For humans, it’s the most visual color, too, taking up the largest amount of the color spectrum. Placing some strategic emerald accessories around your home may affect your mood, too. Green helps you to relax, both physically and mentally. Emerald is a great color when you are feeling blue. Studies have found it calms you down and alleviates some symptoms of depression and nervousness. Take an emerald green throw to your mother-in-law’s house instead of the Xanax. You’ll be glad you did.
If you haven’t redecorated in a while and want to update your look without breaking the bank, consider some great emerald pillows. Add a couple of deep green Vision throw pillows to your sofa, or recover the ones on your bed with our throw pillow covers. Drape one of our emerald green blankets over the foot of your guest bed. Add a touch of emerald as art or architectural design with our emerald green wall art. Emerald is a great color to coordinate with neutrals. It provides the perfect pop of color.
If you love emerald green, create a whole bedroom based on it with VisionBedding rugs, bedding, curtains, and even shower curtains and bath towels. Pair it with tan, white, gray, black, yellow or pink. And if you find one of our fabulous designs that doesn’t come in emerald, don’t fret. We can customize it to be the perfect green to match your fancy.
Create a comfortable, colorful home by pouring on the luxurious, relaxing, emerald green. It’s a great all-round color that isn’t gender-specific. And it creates a slice of evergreen happiness in every room!